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Language learning: Further sources

A guide to Library resources for those learning a new language

In addition to books and DVDs on the 3rd Floor of the Library, you may access additional language learning materials via the Self-Access Centre for Language Learning. You could also look at other materials which may aid your learning, such as newspapers and online news websites.

Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL)

Students listening to audio on their computersThe Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL), located in Edith Morley 230, is a specialist language learning facility, open to international students and the wider University community. The centre includes a wide range of materials for students learning English and foreign languages, including books and DVDs. There are also computers available for students to use, some with useful online language materials.

Video, image and sound resources


Display of foreign language newspapersReading newspapers and news websites can be a good way to help you learn a language and immerse yourself in the culture and current affairs of a particular country.

The Library has online access to many English language newspapers and a few foreign language ones too.  For further information and links go to our Finding newspapers page.
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Teaching Practice Collection

The Teaching Practice Collection, on the 3rd Floor of the Library, includes an extensive collection of children’s literature in English, both fiction and non-fiction, which may be used by learners to improve their English language skills