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Citing references

Guidance on citing references for students at the University of Reading

How can your Academic Liaison Librarian help with referencing?

A group photo of the Academic Liaison LibrariansYour Liaison Librarian is an expert on finding and using information sources. The materials that the Library holds have already been evaluated as being suitable for academic use, saving you time evaluating sources you might find through an internet search.

Your Liaison Librarian will know about the sources listed in your reading list and many more that are appropriate for your topic, which you may not know about. They can help you to find the details you need for successful referencing and how to use Endnote to manage your references. 

Ask your Liaison Librarian for help on:

  • finding evaluated information sources
  • here to find bibliographic details for your references
  • how to use Endnote to manage your references
  • finding and evaluating web sources
  • finding items on your reading list and beyond
  • citing less common sources

...and any other referencing queries - if they can't help, they will know who can.

Find out who your Academic Liaison Librarian is and how to contact them:

How can the Study Advisers help with referencing?

The Study Advice team are experts on academic writing and other essential study practices. They can help you to develop your writing so that you know how to use references as effectively as possible to support your arguments and discussion. They can also help you to develop practices that will help you avoid plagiarism, like good note-making and record keeping, effective academic reading and successful time management.

Ask the Study Advisers for help on:

  • when to include a citation
  • how to use references to support your academic writing
  • how to get the balance between your references and your own critical analysis
  • using and evaluating web sources
  • general queries about formating citations and bibliographies in particular referencing styles
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • citing less common sources

...and any other referencing queries - if they can't help, they will know who can.

You can drop in if you have a quick query (12-4, Monday-Friday, term-time only), or book an individual advice session (usually 30 minutes).

For more details: