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New to university?

Expert guidance from Study Advice at the University of Reading

You have reached the last page of this guide on moving up to higher education. If you have worked through all four areas, we hope you have found it helpful and interesting. You will find that some of what you have read will make more sense once you have started your course, so why not bookmark the guide to come back to later?

Don't stop developing!

To achieve your potential for academic success, you will need to keep developing as you progress through your higher education course. Most of this will happen naturally as you build on your knowledge and experience of study. However, it's good to review your practices regularly and make sure they are still working for you at the academic level you have currently reached.

Most higher education institutions offer training for students on different areas of study at different stages of their academic careers. There might be online courses that you work through, or timetabled as part of your subject modules, or offered centrally as workshops. 

If you are a student at the University of Reading, the Study Advice team offer seminars, guides and video tutorials to help you develop your study techniques and get the most out of your time at university. Or we are always happy to see students for an individual one-to-one advice session to talk in more detail about your work - what you'd like to be doing better, or faster, or how to respond to comments from markers.

Good luck with your studies - and enjoy your time in higher education!