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The Learning Hub

An outline of the services and facilities available at the Learning Hub

There is a huge amount of information on the Internet but the quality is variable. Some reliable sources are suggested below. See also the tips and suggestions to help you evaluate what's good and what's not!

General Topics

This section includes resources on the topic of inclusion, including resources relating to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of pupils.

Disadvantaged Children (General)

Anti-racism and Racial Justice

Refugee Children

This section includes links on ensuring the safety of children, including issues relating to safeguarding, tackling extremism, and e-safety. For information on challenging bullying, please see the section on behaviour.

Safeguarding and Extremism


Mental Health and Resilience

Resources for challenging bullying, managing behaviour and others.

Challenging Bullying

Managing Behaviour

This section includes resources on the topic of Climate Education.

This section contains resources on a theme of English as an Additional Language

This section contains links specifically relating to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

This section contains online resources relating to accurate and productive use of assessments.

This section includes resources for preparing children for adult life. This includes resources relating to careers, apprenticeships, higher education, work experience and skill development.


Work Experience and Voluntary Work


University Study

Curriculum and Policy

General Teaching and Learning Resources

Core Subjects

Foundation Subjects

This section is under construction