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Managing references: EndNote

A guide to some of the systems you can use to help with referencing

There are three versions of EndNote:

  • Desktop EndNote - a software programme which can be used via the Apps Anywhere service on the campus PCs or requested for installation on personal computers via the DTS Self-Service Portal.
  • EndNote Online Classic - a web-based product for storing references and using them in Word.
  • EndNote Web - an enhanced online version available when an EndNote 21 Desktop library is synchronised with EndNote online.

See Which version should I use? for more detail about the differences between the two versions.

The Library supports the use of all versions of EndNote although we recommend using Desktop EndNote. There is detailed help on our website, including workshop dates, step-by-step guides and FAQs:

First steps to using Desktop EndNote

  1. Use EndNote via the Apps Anywhere service on campus PCs or request it for installation on personal computers via the DTS Self-Service Portal.
  2. Create a library.
  3. Populate your library by: exporting from compatible databases; using the online search within EndNote; typing in references; or importing references from other databases or from other reference management software.
  4. Use the 'Find full text' feature to add PDFs to your references, or manually attach downloaded articles.
  5. Use the EndNote toolbar in Word to insert and format citations.

Desktop EndNote introductory videos

As EndNote versions 20 and 21 are very similar most of the features covered in this video apply to both.

As EndNote versions 20 and 21 are very similar most of the features covered in this video apply to both.

Video guides to using Desktop EndNote

We have produced a series of five introductory videos which are in the YouTube playlist below.

  • Video 1: Getting started - covers downloading and installing the software, creating a library and synchronising with EndNote Online to create a secure backup.
  • Video 2: Getting references into EndNote - covers downloading from Summon, Web of Science and PubMed and typing in references for books and webpages.

  • Video 3: Organising and editing references - covers navigating and managing your library, using groups to organise references, editing references and attaching PDFs.

  • Video 4: Inserting citations and references in Word - covers using the Word plugin in insert citations and create a reference list, changing the style and creating a plain text copy for submission.

  • The final video in the playlist covers using EndNote for a systematic review.

If you are unable to view these videos on YouTube they are also available on YuJa (University username and password required):

Further help using Desktop EndNote

First steps to using EndNote online

  1. Register for an EndNote online account.
  2. Add references to your account (manually; direct export from a database; via the Online search option; or by importing references downloaded from a database).
  3. Install the 'Cite While You Write' plugin for Word from EndNote Online via 'Downloads'
  4. You are now ready to add references to Word documents.

Further help using EndNote Online