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Managing references: Workshops (EndNote & Mendeley)

A guide to some of the systems you can use to help with referencing

We offer beginners workshops for UK-based students and staff on using the EndNote online, Desktop EndNote and Mendeley reference management systems. Malaysia-based students and staff should contact staff in the Learning Support Centre for assistance.

Red Award logoAttending these workshops can count towards the training component for the Red Award. Please bring your sheet along to the workshop to be signed: we cannot guarantee that it will be signed retrospectively.

If you are already using one of these products, and have specific questions about their use, please contact your subject liaison librarian for help.

EndNote online beginners workshops

The EndNote online workshops have finished for this term; we'll be running more in the Autumn term.

EndNote online is suitable for undergraduate and masters students. It is free to use, can be accessed anywhere and has all the functionality you need.

If you need help before then you can:

Desktop EndNote beginners workshops

The Desktop EndNote workshops have finished for this term; we'll be running more next term.

Desktop EndNote is available via any PC on campus via the Apps Anywhere service and can be purchased for your own computer for around £98. It offers much more sophisticated functionality and storage capacity than EndNote online, so it is more suitable for researchers.

If you need help before then you can:

Mendeley beginners workshops

The Mendeley workshops have finished for this term, we'll be running more next term.

Mendeley can be downloaded free and is available via Apps Anywhere on campus PCs. It is suitable for use by all types of student and researchers, although EndNote can be a more powerful tool for systematic literature reviews and if you need to edit referencing styles to submit to specific journals.

For help before then you can: