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CentAUR: Cite from CentAUR

A LibGuide for the Institutional Repository CentAUR

How to Cite from CentAUR

As a general rule, you should use the version of a publication in CentAUR only as a preview. You should cite the published version wherever possible. The final published version can be accessed by following the DOI or URL links in the CentAUR record.

You will need to cite the CentAUR version (rather than the published version) only if:

  • The item has been published, but you are unable to access the published version. This could be because the item is behind a journal’s subscription control (paywall) and your library does not have a current subscription
  • The item has not yet been published but the in-press version is in CentAUR
  • CentAUR is the primary location for the item and it is not published elsewhere, for example University of Reading PhD theses.

For examples of in-text citations and bibliography listings for items in CentAUR see our Citing from CentAUR guide.

Always follow the usual referencing style for your discipline or intended publication. For further guidance see our Citing References LibGuide.

Social media mentions

Wherever possible, include the publisher DOI in your tweet or mention. This ensures that tools, such as Altmetric, which track social media mentions will count it.

Include the CentAUR URL if the item is behind a paywall or does not have a DOI, incuding for accepted manuscripts where a DOI has not yet been assigned by the publisher.